Monday, August 13, 2012

My dad's hobbies

I've always admired how my dad spends some of his free time. I think I got my love of tikis from him. I know I definitely got my love for travel from him.
Here is one of his pieces.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

San Simeon

After driving for a few hundred miles along the Pacific coast I started to think I had seen about as much beauty as I could handle. But I kept thinking about what a vintage clothing store owner in Sebastapol had told me the day before. He said to make sure and stop at the beach right across from the entrance to Hearst Castle. He mentioned the glowing sand and the old wooden pier.
So sure enough as we approached San Simeon we saw the road leading to the water. Fulfilling our curiosity we made the turn.

A beautiful beach with an amazing old wooden pier. Just to prove that more beauty lay ahead on our drive south.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Road Trip

4 days 3 nights 1,330 miles and a lot of Hipstamaticing. I decided to tag along for a trip to Northern California with my girlfriend who was shooting a wedding session in Sebastapol, California. We decided to take our dogs with us for the journey.
My dog Hobbes is almost 13 now and has never really had the "dog vacation" experience. Day 3of the trip had to be a dream day for a dog. I know it was for me. Visits to 2 amazing beaches with a break in Big Sur sandwiched in between.
I had to laugh at this pic. The resort had placed chairs in the river for people to have a chance to enjoy a few drinks with their feet in the water.
Since Hobbes doesn't like water, I had to carry him out and onto the seat. Seen here waiting for a cocktail.

Hobbes didn't get out much the first 9 years of his life but the last 3 have been a pretty good adventure. Hopefully he can check this experience off his Bucket List.